Another one of my specialties is automotive. whether it's muscle cars, lead sleds, ratrods, motor cycles, or import tuners, I love to shoot just about anything with wheels.     I've shot most of the carshows in San Luis obispo county

for a few years and have shot some as early as 1994. I was also the West Coast Kustoms photographer for the Paso Robles Chamber of commerce in 2007, and business

news.   Click here for Gallery.

Shooting entire carshows or individual cars to be used in promotions and/or magazines start at $75.00 and hour with a minimum of 2 hours. I can also do a flat rate bid if

this works out better for you. Digital slide shows in various formats, including:

DVD, AVI, MPEG, or Shockwave can also be made available. Music can also be mixed in as well .


        For availabilty or any other questions, call

                   (805) 462-8670 or email:


I Love cars and sometimes offer free shoots of nice rides, providing you are willing to fill out and sign a release form. Hotrods, Tuners, Harleys.. if it's cool, I like it. Give me a call and tell me about your ride. Here's a link to the Automotive Release Form.  Tuner/hotrod femal models   are welcome as well.   Models Releases