From time to time I'm looking for a Fresh face, place, pet, or

    item, and will offer a discount from $25.00 to $50.00 a package.

    The discount depends on the market and the current needs of  

    my portfolio. The photo may be used for the portfolio, stock

    imagery, or for promotional purposes.


    To get the discount, you will need to fill out and sign a release

    form for the photos and promise to pass out a few business

    cards or postcards to potential clients. To get a better idea of how 

    the photos will be used, take a look through the different

    sections of     this website. My needs are constantly changing and

    the discounts may or may not be available.

    TIP: I like to get shots of people doing the thinks they like to do.

    Surfing, exercising, gardening... I also need some good industrial

    and business shots at this time. Tell me about yourself.

     Models: If you're considering modeling, I may do a  free shoot   

     once in      a while, I'd like to build up this area of my portfolio.

     The only catch is that you have something relevant to stock

     photography and are willing to sign a release form allowing me

     to use the images in my collections. Take a look through some

     of my stock photos and some current magazines . It'll give you

     an idea of what's out there. It's also  a chance make sure it's

     appropriate for you. Have fun on this site, too!          


      Click Here for an adult release form

      Click Here for a minor release form