I offer an array of services for selling homes such as photos, flyers, postcards, and slides shows. A photo shoot for one home is $150.00 and includes all the mixed down images on a CD, labeled and dated. For an additional $100.00

I'll design a flyer and put that on the CD in PDF,JPEG or TIFF format. If you would like me to have the flyers printed up, I will, but I require the print expenses up front and charge $25.00 for my time. The price for printing depends on market prices. If you have a printer you prefer, let me know, I'll see if I can arrange it. I can also create digital slideshows in MPEG or SHOCKWAVE for your website.

Call (805) 462-8670 to negotiate a complete package or ask about 24 hour turn arounds of the photos. or email:

Property Management:

There's no better way to protect your investments than having photos. When you are trying to retain a cleaning deposit, you need proof of the condition of the home prior to the tenants move in date. Having a third party take photos of the home, then sign and date the images, can save you thousands of dollars in damages. It will also leave a good impression with your clients because you've protected there investments. The fee for this service is $150.00 for each home.


The same thing holds true for the renter as well. I saved one family almost

 $800.00 of their cleaning deposit. It's a great protective measure at $150.00.  The disk with be labeled, timed, dated, and signed